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On the one hand, it was used by government agents in the Central Intelligence Agency for military experimentation and attempts at mind control, sometimes in shockingly dangerous and blatantly non-medical and unprofessional tests and experiments. On the other hand, of course, it was widely adopted into the counter-culture that sprang up in the latter half of the 20th century. Tried by poets, artists, writers, and professors in the late 50s, the drug went on to be adopted into widespread use among the general youth population during the rebellious and experimental-minded generation of the 60s and 70s in the US.

Acid Dreams is divided into two parts. The first, called “The Roots of Psychedelia” traces the scientific and early social history of LSD. Essentially humankind’s first “laboratory-made” mind-altering drug, the substance has similar effects on the mind to naturally occurring drugs like psilocybin mushrooms and peyote. Most of the time, if you get tested for this you may want to look into where to buy synthetic urine or buy fake urine for the drug test. Artificial urine is a huge asset to drug users.

First synthesized by Dr. Albert Hoffman, a Swiss chemist working at Sandoz Laboratories in Zurich in 1938 as lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD-25), no one felt the effects of the drug for another four years, until Dr. Hoffman accidentally absorbed some of the substance through his skin on April 18, 1942. The next day, April 19, 1942, is remembered in the history of LSD as the date of the first intentional “acid trip” (as ingestion of the drug later came to be called). Most people don’t know that you should learn how to keep urine warm for a drug test. Having your pee at the right temperature is essential to passing your next drug screen.

The name “psychedelic” was coined many years later, in 1956, by Dr. Humphrey Osmond who was studying the substance as a potential treatment for alcoholism, among other uses. By that time, the secret was quickly expanding out of the laboratory and into society. It had been in possession of the US government for some time. They had a great interest in studying the potential of the substance for mind control purposes and other potential military applications of substances that could so powerfully affect the human brain.

Official Business

Beginning during World War II and continuing throughout the Cold War of the 50s and 60s, secret CIA and US military research programs investigated the effects of the new drug, seeking a potential weapon that many in the military were certain Communist adversaries in China and the Soviet Union was already working with.

Spreading the Word

In the second part of Acid Dreams, called “Acid for the Masses,” the authors trace the disbursal of LSD from secretive government laboratories to university researchers like Timothy Leary at Harvard and beyond. A few of the people who were among the early experiences of acid took it upon themselves to spread the drug widely among society. As the psychedelic experience spread and influenced more and more people, especially college students and other rebellious young minds, it begins to take on a presence in the American media as well.…

Pass Your Drug Test

Urine Testing

The honest truth of why urine testing is the most popular type of drug testing is simple, cost. Urine testing is the most economical option; this is especially important to an entity that orders a large number of tests, such as national employers. Since this article is not about the surprising science of laboratory testing, we will now discuss some indicators that our subjects drug test sample type is urine.

The information that is provided to a test subject is not meant to indicate the test type, but sometimes the secret is compromised. If the packet includes two stickers labeled sample 1&2 or A&B, this is a good indicator. Those stickers are used as tamper evident seals to be placed over the two vials of urine. If the packet says anything about limiting certain drinks, especially water and coffee, on the day of testing it is likely a urine test is in store.

Once the person to be tested decides that urine is the sample type, they begin to prepare. First, of course, is to immediately cease use of any substances that should not be in their system. The next thing most do is attempt to dilute the urine they will provide by over hydrating. Some insist that cranberry juice is a more efficient beverage than others for this practice.

Hair Detoxification Shampoo 

A very accurate form of hair testing, with a price tag to match, is hair testing. This sample type is used to test a subject for drug use over the months leading up to the drug test. This kind of analysis will not detect drugs used in the previous couple days as the metabolites haven’t yet had time to accumulate in the subject’s hair. This test alleges it will not, under any circumstances, detect drugs just from the subject walking through second-hand smoke.

There are indicators apparent to the educated test subject that point to a hair test. If the testing packet includes a foil or paper pouch, a hair test is often imminent. If the testing information mentions hair dye or bleach in any way at all, that is a dead giveaway.

Without proper planning and forethought, it will be almost impossible to pass these exams. Make sure spend the money on the washes that will guarantee a good result. No one wants to lose their job. Don’t take the chance and get your hand on the best products.

Get Tested for Drugs – Tips

The test subject will drink as much liquid as they can stand. They keep drinking and drinking. This soon leads to extremely frequent visits to the restroom. Upon testing a urine sample from this person, there will be such a high concentration of non-urine liquid that detecting any metabolites will be next to impossible. It should be noted at this time, that a person can die from this practice. This rare occurrence is commonly referred to as water intoxication. This strategy of cheating a urine test is not new. For this reason, some tests have checks and balances in place to detect this attempt of deception. If the laboratory checks the creatinine level of the urine sample, they will immediately know that the test subject has attempted to cheat the test via dilution.

There is an entirely different method used by some people to cheat the urine drug test. This method is a simple idea that must be executed with complexity to avoid detection. The test subject will simply plan to provide a urine sample that will pass the test. This is accomplished by either substituting the sample with the urine from another person or by providing a synthetic urine replacement designed to cheat the test. There is an added degree of difficulty present here that is not required with dilution as the test subject will be asked to empty their pockets and may even receive a pat down.

The sample provided will also be checked for the proper temperature as soon as it is given to the testing representative. These two issues are most often handled with the same solution. The substitute sample will be hidden against the subject’s body, concealing it and keeping its body temperature. Men will hide the example in their groin area, where pat downs are less thorough. Women, when able, usually hide the sample in the field of their breasts. In extreme cases subjects have been caught smuggling the substitute sample in a body cavity, as they know even the most thorough pat down will not detect this technique.